Toronto Skyline view from Riverdale Park East, Toronto
Toronto Skyline view from Riverdale Park East, Toronto

Kensington Market Municipal Garage

Kensington Market Municipal Garage- we parked on the fifth floor. The top floors were sealed off. Park your car and head up to get a glimpse of Toronto skyline. Parking was 2.50 for half an hour and $5.00 for the hour. A lot of space to do what you like.

Toronto Skyline view from Kensington Market, Downtown Toronto
Toronto Skyline view from Kensington Market, Downtown Toronto

Once you have completed your photographs, head down and have a walk around Kensington Market. Very vibrant and picturesque. Very busy on the weekend.

Also sun comes up from the east around noon. Some of your photos might not turnout as you want. Too much sunlight is not good for photo taking.

Riverdale Park East

Another view of Toronto Skyline from Riverdale Park East, Toronto
Another view of Toronto Skyline from Riverdale Park East, Toronto

Riverdale Park East (Broadview Ave) stunning skyline of Toronto. There are benches to enjoy the view. Below the hill is a greenspace for children adults to exercise. It is quite large of an open space in the city.

This would be an ideal place to relax and enjoy the weather. There are also bikes for rental making getting around easier and exploring different views of the Toronto skyline. I can guarantee that one these photos will end up on your instagram account. It truly is an amazing view of the city skyline. Highly recommend! Actual location Bain and Broadview, Toronto.

Humber Bay Shores East

View of the Toronto Skyline from Humber Bay bridge in Toronto.
View of Toronto Skyline from the Humber Bay Arch Bridge, Toronto

Humber Bay Shores East- Humber Bay Arch Bridge and Sheldon Lookout- Park Lawn area-Located on beautiful Lake Ontario you have bicycle and walking lanes along the waterfront. Nestled between condos this area is active with people walking, jogging and cycling.

The Bridge offers a beautiful architectural design with views of Toronto skyline. If you plan going Sunday, parking is free until 1pm.

Weekends are packed so I suggest going early. You also have access to bicycle rentals by the bridge.

Polson Piers

POLSON PIERS- Is a great way to get a shot of the Toronto skyline. It is probably one of my favourite places to take instagram worthy shots of the Toronto Skyline. However, in order to photograph the Toronto skyline in more detail, you will a long range lens to capture the skyline. It is still possible to a good photo with a standard $300 camera or your phone, but you will need to work with the photo.

This is the spot where mainstream media use to capture the Toronto skyline on their new coverage.

Boat Cruise

Toronto Skyline view from Trillium Park, Downtown Toronto
Toronto Skyline view from Trillium Park, Downtown Toronto

Boat Cruise- I ended up booking with Toronto Harbour Tours located at York and Queens Quay West, Toronto, M5J 2H4 . I booked it with groupon for $17.69. Regular price is roughly $26.55. I ended up parking at 5 Queens Quay- Canada Auto Parks.

If you are to book a cruise, choose a earlier time because it will cost you much more. If you book cruise on Saturday at 5pm, the every last cruise, parking is paid 6am -6pm. You will end up paying $20.00 parking for 1 1/2hours. Not happy about that!

Lets get back to the boat cruise. The boat cruise served its purpose by taking us along the Toronto Harbour and Mud Island. We discovered the history of the Toronto waterfront with guided boat tour. The photos were amazing and were Instagram worthy for your account.This is a great way to share your experience thru your instagram account with family and friends. The cruise was 1 hour in length making for an awesome experience. Toronto skyline was magnificent. I was to take many photos.
I would strongly recommend doing so again.

Trillium Park

Toronto Skyline view from Trillium Park, Ontario Place, Toronto
Toronto Skyline view from Trillium Park, Ontario Place, Toronto

Located at 955 Lakeshore Blvd West, Toronto- Ontario Place

I was most definitely surprised by the beauty of Trillium Park. Around each bend there were stunning views. All worthy of an instagram photo. Trillium Park consists of roughly 7.5 acres of green space and spectacular views of the Toronto Skyline and Lake Ontario. There are resting places in the park for having a picnic or just sitting and taking in the scenery. Definitely a must!!!

The William G. Davis Trail intersects the park. The trail is mostly level and paved. This is an ideal place for a walk or jog.

There are bicycles for rent to explore this place, however, I would suggest walking around and exploring. You will definitely lose track of time because of the sheer beauty and zen like feel of this park.

Entrance is free.

If you want to scope out Trillium Park, parking is $6.50 per hour. This was on a Saturday afternoon. Lot info was lot P2A Ontario. Parking is done on HonkMobile on your cellphone for payment. THERE IS NO CASH, DEBIT/CREDIT CARD MACHINE AROUND!!!

Other instagram worthy places of photographing Toronto skyline include:

Ireland Park

IRELAND PARK. Ireland park is closed currently due to construction. Located beside Billy Bishop Airport the parking is closed and nowhere to park. Security is present at both airport and construction zone.

An alternative to Ireland Park is the Harbourfront trail beside Ireland Park.

Chester Hill Lookout

Great lookout place for capturing the Toronto Skyline. A couple of things to keep in mind, it is a small place and gets packed easily and parking gets filled up very quickly.

Location: Don Valley Parkway, Toronto, ON M4K 1V4

Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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