Panoramic view from Lion's Head Provincial Park
Panoramic view from Lion’s Head Provincial Park

While on vacationing at Sauble Beach, Ontario, I overheard a couple talking about a beautiful hike they just completed at Lion’s Heads Provincial Park. The park was located roughly 30 minutes drive north of Sauble Beach. Being intrigued, I set out to explore and hike this trail.

The Hike

Parking was packed. Many people were out to explore the great outdoors. I eventually found parking by the Lion’s Head Ice Area in town and hiked to the entrance of the park. The walk was roughly about 2.3 kilometers before even starting the hike.

The hike is roughly 5.3 kilometres with an elevation of 114 meters. I would suggest appropriate hiking footwear (absolutely no sandals or flip-flops). Make sure to fill up water bottles before the hike. This hike at Lion’s Head Provincial Park starts off easy and then gradually turns into a shuffle.

The hike was truly amazing. The panoramic view is stunning with aqua- blue waters. Make sure to hike in beautiful sunny weather to get the full colors of the water. Hike was not easily marked thru out the hike to the top. Reference Gunpoint map listed further below.

Once reached to the top of this hike the panoramic views and colors were magnificent. The blue as far as the eye can see and overlooking the municipality of Lion’s Head. Truly instagram worthy (see picture below). Lion’s Head Provincial Park captured my attention, and I decided to search what else Lion Head had to offer. I headed toward Lion’s Head Marina.

View from the top of Lion's Head Lookout
View from the top of Lion’s Head Lookout

Exploring Lion Head

Once I reached the Marina, the parking was filled up fast and was packed. By-law officers were in full force. Just note, if parking is full continue pass the two buildings in between as shown below. There is parking in the back.

The washroom facilities were open and are connected to the Marina. (See picture below, washrooms located to the building on the right).

Parking available in the back

If you have any questions regarding Lion’s Head’s Marina just walk in to the Lion’s Head’s Marina Office. Picture shown below.

Lion's Head Marina
Lion’s Head Marina

Things to do by the Marina include swimming, fishing, boating or sitting on a bench taking in the views.

The picture below marks Lion’s Head location on the Bruce Peninsula. It is located midway point on the Bruce Peninsula, halfway point to Tobermory and Owen Sound. When mentioning the Bruce Peninsula many people will automatically think of Bruce National Park or The Five Fathom Marine National Park.

Map of Bruce Peninsula, Ontario compliments by
Map of Bruce Peninsula, Ontario compliments by

In addition to the close proximity to the National Parks, the town of Lion’s Head is incredibly close to Sauble Beach, roughly about 30 minutes south through the back roads. Sauble Beach is a beautiful beach located on Lake Huron, with small town feel and amazing sunsets.

Listed below a map of Lion’s Head Community featuring churches, accommodations, services in the local area and points of interest. The Lighthouse was under construction in 2020 and should be finished in 2021. For further information.

Lion's Head Community compliments from
Lion’s Head Community compliments from

Lion’s Head is a small community that is a must when traveling Bruce Peninsula. If Bruce National Park or Five Fathom National Park is your destination, stop into Lion’s Head. You will not be disappointed. They have an amazing Provincial Park and waterfront community to explore. Add Lion’s Head Provincial Park and Community on your to do list this summer. You will not be disappointed!

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