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Get ready to learn about travel (cities along the way to national parks), outdoor gear reviews (light weight and in-depth reviews), and photography (landscape photos and gear review). We will focus on being informative and inspirational to our readers.  This website will be reader supported without outside manufactures influence.

Travel – cities along the way to national parks
Outdoor gear reviews – light weight and in-depth reviews
Photography – landscape photos and gear review


The travel portion of this website will focus on cities along the way to National Parks throughout the world, exploring and experiencing the tastes, sights and sounds. We will include an itinerary of amazing places to travel for our readers and viewers.

Outdoor Gear Reviews

The outdoor gear review of this website will focus on top products in each category. We are an independent online resource that is reader supported. We focus on specific needs, budgets and interests. We will rank products based on ease of use, lightweight and the reliability, followed by pros and cons. We will also provide tutorials on how certain products can work in the field.

Once we have reviewed these products, the reader can click on the links to purchase the products. When you click on the links to buy these products, we may earn money to support our work. 


The photography portion of this website will focus on amazing places to take photographs. Our readers will be able to view our photos via social media platforms (i.e.  Facebook and Instagram). In addition, we will provide reviews of latest cameras helping you select the best products for your needs and interests. 

We hope that you enjoy gohiketravel.com. Make sure to leave comments on our blog and don’t forget to make recommendations regarding places to travel, gear review and places to photograph.

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