1. Black Creek Side Trail- Limehouse Conservation Area

Located on 12169 5th Line, Limehouse, Black Creek Side Trail is a beautiful 3.2 km hiking trail nested in Halton Hills, Georgetown area. This trail is rated as easy, elevation is less than 60m. Hiking running shoes or shoes would be ideal, however, you can get away with running shoes (in dry conditions). You can bring your children and they would have no trouble completing the trails (ladder portion might be difficult depending on age).

The landscape is apart the Niagara Escarpment. The Bruce Trail intersects this conservation area. There are 4 trails that run through this conversation area and all link up with each other. It can be quite confusing and frustrating for your very first time. If you are going to hike this trail, go during the day. If you get lost, there are many people on the trail to help and assist you.

You can also download AllTrails on your phone. Just a suggestion to power up your phone before you go.

This will help you on the hiking trail. I have also provided you with a map from Limehouse Conservation Area.

Black Creek Side Trail, path separated by woods, Limehouse Conservation Area, Georgetown Ontario
Black Creek Side Trail, Limehouse Conservation Area, Georgetown Ontario

This hiking trail offers shade from the sun and a calming serene feeling while hiking. You will get to explore Ontario’s heritage of the lime industry that took place in the 1800 and explore cracks in the escarpment rock landscape.

This Halton Hills hiking trail is great for families and people of all ages. This hiking trail is relatively close to the Georgetown area, making it an easy and accessible area to explore and hike.

  • Pros: Based on first come, first serve, parking is free
  • No entrance fee to the area
  • Majority of hike is in the shade from the sun making for a beautiful, relaxing feeling
  • No hard elevation
  • Explore the cracks in the escarpment rock
  • Cons: No maps- You will get lost without a map or AllTrails app on your phone.
  • Poor visual signs along the trail
  • A lot of people-Try to avoid noon to four o’clock. Parking can be an issue. Fines and/or towing can occur if illegally parked.
  • No washrooms on site or port-o-let due to Coronavirus.

2. Halton Hills and Hungry Hollow Loop

Hungry Hollow Trail, Georgetown, Ontario
Hungry Hollow Loop, Georgetown Ontario

This trail is located in a suburb in the Georgetown area. There are a number of ways to access this trail. You can access it by Mountainside road or access it by Miller Drive, by St. Brigid Catholic Elementary School.

The Hungry Hollow trails in Georgetown area are linked or become an extension of a further hiking trail. This particular trail is roughly 2.4 km in length, less than 33m in elevation, which makes for a beautiful stroll in Georgetown area. No hiking boots is necessary for this hike, running shoes would be fine.

The trail can get confusing because the trail lacks visual signs. Beautiful scenery passing through a creek and the close proximity to Georgetown, makes it a great short little hike.

  • Pros: Located right in Georgetown area.
  • Short little loop and can be extended to join with other Hungry Hollow Trail.
  • Parking is accessible on the street (Miller Drive) and free
  • Cons: Visual signs along the trail are missing making it confusing.
  • The trail is not shaded.
  • A lot of people are exploring the trails
  • No port-o-let or washrooms

3. Scotsdale Farm

Bennett Hiking Trail, Georgetown, Ontario
Scotsdale Farm, Bennett Trail, Georgetown Ontario

Come early if you are a photographer. There are many spots at the Scotsdale Farm that are truly amazing for capturing many amazing photos. I did the Bennett trail, no elevation, no hiking shoes shoes needed.

The Bennett trail at Scotsdale Farm truly comes to life. It is truly a magical time at the farm at this time of year. The leaves turning different shades of colors captures the early beginning of Fall Season.

You will not be disappointed if you are looking for autumn pictures for your social media account.

  • Pros
  • Level trail
  • Appropriate for all levels
  • Great for kids and family
  • Great for picture taking/engagement photos
  • No bugs early October-great fall pictures
  • Truly calming-zen like
  • Cons
  • A little ride out of Georgetown
  • Some sun cover by the trees
  • Alot of people-popular destination for people.

4. Irwin Quarry Trail-Silver Creek Conservation Area

Silver Creek Conservation Area
Silver Creek Conservation Area, Georgetown Ontario

I just completed the Irwin Quarry hiking trail at Silver Creek Conservation Area just north of Georgetown Ontario. Silver Creek Conservation Area is divided into many hiking trail, ending and beginning in different places.

The hiking trails are covered however, there are areas where you do not have sun cover. Bruce escarpment is visible on the hiking trails at Silver Creek Conservation Area

This hiking trail was easy, however, if you are not actively moving daily, then this trail will get you breathing. There are rocky inclines as well as, declines.

  • Pros:The trail is short, however, the autumn blossom makes for a fantastic way of enjoying the afternoon and nature.
  • Parking is located on the street.
  • Cons: Many people are coming and going. If you want soliduted, come early to avoid the crowds.
  • Wifi was experiencing difficulties in the parking area.

You cannot go wrong with any of these four hiking trails in the Georgetown area. A little stroll in the woods is all the doctor orders to relax the mind, body and soul.

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